Women’s Boxing & Boxing Fitness Classes
by Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston

Marianne, who holds an MBC Professional Boxing Coaches license, has created all new Boxing and Boxing based fitness class for women.

Whilst some of these women’s only classes are for beginners and intermediates please don’t go thinking this is just another ‘wimpy’ boxercise class like those at the local fitness clubs, these are the real deal and incorporate conditioning techniques as used by professional Boxers in their competition preparations.

Boxing Fitness Class

Saturday’s Boxing Fitness Class, which are one hour in duration, comprise of
conditioning and cardio work combined with real boxing technique and drill
sessions. The classes are designed to improve overall fitness levels as well as sculpt and tone your figure fast .


Friday Night Fight Club

Marianne’s Friday Night Boxing classes are pure boxing skills and drills. These classes are intended for those wishing to learn to box, or improve their boxing technique. At times these classes include full-contact sparring.


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