Champions TKO Sport Specific Conditioning

The Champions TKO Boxing Gym offers full sport specific conditioning programmes, not just for boxing but for all sports.

At the Champions TKO Boxing Gym we believe that to achieve optimum results a specialist should be undertaking any training regime. As such, whilst all our coaches offer basic conditioning within their training regimes, the Champions TKO Boxing Gym have a sport specific conditioning coach in-house.

Over the years sports science has come to the forefront in identifying the optimum training regimes. At the Champions TKO Boxing Gym we believe in providing our professionals state of the art support, not just with coaching but also fitness, stamina and nutrition.

At the Champions TKO Boxing Gym , Richard Tyler, who has a BSC (Sports science), BSYA MASSAGE, and FAFS, provides specialist performances biomechanics, athletic strength and conditioning coaching.

By identifying an athlete’s functional deficencies Richard is able to undertake
specific programmes to rectify them to achieve maximum performance levels.

Richard has identified specific joint mobility trends for boxers and through his specific programme is able to mobilise/stabilise specific aspects to increase the athletic abilities. i.e, agility, speed and power.

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